The Barn Raising Difficultly Scale Explained

What Is This About?

Some of my readers have expressed that my technical posts are too complicated and go over their heads. Fair enough. I want this blog to be accessible to readers with limited programming experience, but I still want to be able to discuss difficult programming topics. In an attempt to address this, I've created a new system that I have dubbed "The Barn Raising Difficulty Scale".

The Barn Raising Difficulty Scale

The scale has five levels that run from least technically difficult to most:
  1. Idleness: No specific programming knowledge required
  2. Morning Barn Raising: Posts may contain code samples, but should still be accessible to novices
  3. Afternoon Barn Raising: Programming specific - accessible to amateurs and professionals
  4. Evening Barn Raising: Programming heavy - accessible to professionals
  5. Midnight Barn Raising: Advanced topics - might be beyond some junior professionals

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